1000 Cranes Quiz (prizes!)
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Quizzes are 1000 cranes - a flight of fancy's way of rewarding loyalty and having a little fun, along the way. Each quiz will have its own prize. The submission with the best score will win the prize. To play, simply select one of the quizzes, below, and submit the results. Good luck! Inaugural Cranes: the First 100
Prize: Crane in a decorated display box
Top Score: 32 by tubafore
Test Quiz
Prize: Pride
Top Score: 1 by ruben.vuittonet
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Inaugural Cranes: the First 100
This quiz will test your knowledge of the First One Hundred Cranes. After almost 2½ years, the details of some of the cranes are hazy, even to me. If you need help, simply click the help button.
Best Score: 32 by tubafore
One crane features a QRC Card planted in a vase. At what restaurant was that card planted?
In one crane, Connor appears to have rushed to a holiday dinner table without having bothered to brush his hair. What food item is in the burgandy-colored bowl?
A River Runs Through It is one of my favorite motion pictures. In our home, we have an item with a feature that bears the same name. What is it?
One very early cranes sits atop a book of origami paper. What is the title of the top-most book in the stack of books behind the crane
A couple of cranes were photographed at my work desk. In one, there is a can of Unicorn Meat. What sits atop the Unicorn Meah?
Once, our minivan broke down just as we were making our way out of town. We took the car to a repair shop. How many people are in the photo with the crane?
One crane was taken while my wife was being prepped for surgery. The name of a crane is a play on words. What is the name of the theatrical group upon which the pun is based?
Marijuana is legal in many states. A different rose by another name may be just as sweet. It's legal in Alabama, too, but not the kind now on your mind. Name the 3rd ingredient in a related recipe.
On the day the crane picture was taken, our burger meals had their own number. When the waiter found it, he might have been, like, Cowabunga, dudes! Eat up! Connor was clearly happy to be there. What was the number of our meal?
The Spirit of Madonna was in the room, one day, when Sean was showing off. What color is the pattern on that crane.
Test Quiz
After testing quizzes, for a while, it became clear that I was going to have to shorten the testing cycle. Hence, comes the Test Quiz. It's not good for anything other than being easy to complete.
Best Score: 1 by ruben.vuittonet
This question has been asked so many times with so many differing answers that it no longer occurs to people to ask why we ask it. Who am I to buck that tradition. Why did the Chicken cross the road?

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