Here, we have some basic Japanese phrases that might be of use as you travel in Japan. Many thanks to Jonathan (of Jonathan fame) for his assistance with the content of this page.

Ask for something

をください (w)o kudasai
Fill in the blank with what you want, then say (w)o kudasai.

Bathroom: Where is the bathroom

化粧室はどこですか Keshō-shitsu wa dokodesu ka

Bathroom: Where is the toilet

トイレはどこですか Toire wa dokodesu ka

Do you speak English?

英語がはなしますか。 Eigo ga hanashimasu ka
Formal expression. Useful when preceded by one of the I'm sorry… phrases.

Good afternoon


Good evening


Good morning

Ohaiyou gozaimasu

Hello / Good day


I'm sorry

ごめんなさい Gomennasai
This is a staple word.

I'm sorry

すみません sumimasen
I need to get the attention of someone, bumped into someone, want to order something at a restaurant, want the check/to pay at a restaurant, need to ask someone a question? Lead with this word.

I'm sorry

すいません suimasen
Less formal than sumimasen. It is the one most Japanese people use.


お願いします Onegaishimasu

Please give me

クダサイ Kudasai
Found im more formal statements such as announcements to a group.

Thank you

ありがとうございました Arigatōu gozaimasu
Place domo on the front if you are being super-polite or are very appriciative.
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